Sea Breeze Restaurant is located at St. Michael’s Vaddo, in Anjuna village on the Anjuna beach. It is a full fledged restaurant with a bar. It operates from morning 9am to 11.30 at night. This is the first and original flea market restaurant that ever came into existence from more than 30 years ago.

Sea Breeze Bar n Restaurant is especially famous as the Flea Market Restaurant of Anjuna Flea Market as this restaurant is centrally located in the center of the hustle and bustle of the market. It has more than 60 Covers (tables) so guests can be assured of a table to dine on.

Every Wednesday from the month of October till may, from 1pm to 7 pm there is a live band performing at no extra charges for the free entertainment of the guests. This is complementary from the owner Mr. Francis Fernandes. The entry is free, ample of place for dancing and plenty of tables to choose from.


Mr. Francis Fernandes is a man with a heart of gold.
Sea Breeze restaurant is owned and run by Mr. Francis Fernandes
Quantity & Quality at a Fair Price is his Motto.
He is a very helpful person especially for the poor. He being the President of the Flea Market has helped many people and has done a lot of social service for the village people of Anjuna, for the migrated Indians who come to do business in the market and also for foreign tourists who want a stall at flea market. He stands by anyone who asks for help. He ends up using most of his restaurant profit in his social work and is very well known in the village and the community also.
Francis Fernandes is also the President of the Anjuna Flea Market. Sea Breeze is family restaurant and is operational for 30 days a month and has a full fledge bar with all kinds of drinks from soft drinks to whisky. Mr. Francis Fernandes himself being a cook he makes sure each dish is perfect. He makes sure his customers are well served with a generous quantity with good and clean service.
Mr. Francis Fernandes makes sure that you wont have any waiters disturbing you, asking you many times what do you need at Sea Breeze Restaurant you could just come to hang out and enjoy the music. You will not be asked to order or to leave. Mr. Francis Fernandes makes sure that he employs the local Goan boys as waiters. So he can help the local boys with employment and also the local Goan boys are very friendly, well spoken, well behaved and have good hygiene.
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