About Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze Restaurant is the first to be in the heart of Flea market. This is a family restaurant from father to son and now to grandson. Mr. Caitan Fernandes , owner of the restaurant started by serving tea, toast and fried eggs on two table with a bench.

On a sunny afternoon two customers walked in. sitting on the bench asked Mr. Caitan, “what do you have?” Mr. Caitan said “ tea, toast and fried eggs.” Customers asked “anything else please?” Mr. Caitan had to say no, but he did not want to say no. so he said yes there is fish-curry-rice.

The customers said they would like to try some.

This fish-curry-rice was prepared for their personal lunch by Mr. Caitan’s wife, which Mr. Caitan served the customers with shivering hands but to his surprise they enjoyed and loved the meal.Hence he added fish-curry-rice to his menu which his wife till today cooks for the customers and takes care of the ingredients department of the Sea Breeze Restaurant.

Later Mr. Caitan’s son, Mr. Francis Fernandes learned Indian and Chinese Cuisine.

Having just Goan food on the menu was not enough to satisfy the customers so Mr. Francis and his wife Celina added Indian and Chinese cuisine to the menu which they prepare by themselves.


Celina mostly does all the chopping of vegetables, chicken and boiling the noodles whilst Francis does the main cooking. During this time Francis’s son, Nicky went to college for his Hotel Management and Continental cooking which he has now added to the menu and now Sea Breeze is serving Goan, Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisine. The best thing about Sea Breeze Restaurant is that you get service anytime because the family lives attached to the Restaurant.


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