Sea Breeze Bar

Sea Breeze Restaurant has a full fledged bar. They serve drinks from beer to Whisky from Vodka to the local brew called Caju made from fermented Cashew Fruit juice. The local Goan alcoholic drink is also called “jungle juice”.

The specialty about Sea Breeze Bar is that they serve locally made alcohol such as coconut Feni, cashew Feni and a special alcohol called ‘Urak’. This drink Urak is found available only in the month of May - mid June.

This drink comes from the fruit of cashew. This is a first juice which is light in color, strong in taste, has no preservatives and cannot be preserved. It is a very big delight of Goan alcohol consumers. It is a must to taste for alcohol drinkers who come to Goa.

Sea Breeze Bar is attended by Mrs. Celina Fernandes who is a very friendly bar tender and has good tips in mixing the drinks and makes short conversation and has very interesting stories to tell about the village Anjuna. Having a drink at Sea Breeze Bar becomes informative, fun and enjoyable with interesting company of the local Goans Mr. Francis his beautiful wife Mrs. Celina Fernandes their young son Nicholas and not to forget their Mother.


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